Dante Weltino / Frederica (Fürst Heinrich / Relevant)

2016 Brown Oldenburg GOV Gelding


This extremely elegant colt is a top FEI dressage prospect. With his perfect uphill conformation, long legs and wonderful gaits, this youngster will excel in the show ring. He has three sensational gaits with a round lifting trot and strong hind end. Both his canter and walk are also terrific; very deep with a massive overstep. He naturally lifts his core and carries his weight through his hindquarters, allowing his shoulders terrific freedom and reach. We estimate he may mature close to 16.3.

Dante Weltino is an Oldenburg Stallion, the 2009 Reserve Champion of his licensing test in Vechta.  He became a premium stallion with 30 day test scores in 2010 of dressage 8.10, jumping 8.02 and an overall of 8.20.  He followed up his success in 2012 by winning the qualifier for the  Bundeschampionate with an outstand score of 8.30.  He continued to improve by winning the Bremen qualifier in 2013 for 6 year old dressage horses with a score of 8.6.  He has produced several elite foals, auction top sellers and top young sport horse prospects.

Frederica has produced four Premium Foals, including two Foals of Distinction. She is a deep bodied, well boned mare. She has a terrific temperament and is joy to work with. She is one of our foundation mares and has produced several of the fillies retained in our breeding program. Her foals are typically suitable for amateur riders and professionals alike.

Dante Weltino
Danone De Niro
Well Done
El. Rihanna
Welt Hit II
Fürst Heinrich
Florestan I

Sire & Dam


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Dante Weltino / Frederica

(Fürst Heinrich / Relevant)