Our Ranch

It was a fortuitous twist of fate that led Anita Nardine and her husband Glenn Hightower to own the property that would become their new equine nursery in Hidden Springs Ranch. “In 2004 we were toying with the idea of a vacation house outside the city, and ended up quite by accident stumbling across this property,” Nardine explains. “We were looking for something quite a bit smaller, but we happened to see it and thought it looked so nice. The previous owner had sadly passed away and it was about to come on the market, so the timing was just right so maybe it was meant to be.” 

Today, the 300-acre Hidden Springs Ranch is a West Coast equine paradise. Located in serene and scenic Garner Valley in southern California just 40 minutes away from Temecula, Palm Springs and Hemet, its elevation of 4700' above sea level provides temperate summers for horses to relax in pine meadows and frolic in irrigated grass pastures bordering a National Forest and the Pacific Crest Trail. 

For several years, Hidden Springs Ranch has also been a premier stop on the Oldenburg GOV North American inspection tour, welcoming the public for an open house and barbecue in addition to seeing some of the next generation of sport horse stars.

Aerial photo of ranch