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We offer retirement, layup, and mare and foal care, customized to the needs of your equine partner.

Horses in pasture

Layup & Rehabilitation

Hidden Springs Ranch provides quality care tailored to the needs of each individual horse. Working closely with your veterinarian and ours, our highly experienced staff can administer medications, change dressings, and provide any needed care. Your horse can be given stall rest in our 14' x 14' stalls, hand-walked, given light exercise in our eurociser or turned out daily in various size paddocks or pastures.
Retired horse in pasture


We can provide the best of care for your aging horse. From large stalls with daily turnouts to private or group pastures, customized feeding programs, and regular grooming; we have a package that will meet your requirements.
Mare and foal in pasture

Mare & Foal Care

Hidden Springs Ranch provides an ideal environment for raising young horses. Mare and foals are kept in pastures in the company of one to three other mares and foals. This provides a natural environment for physical development and allows the foals to develop social skills.